Springers has its origins in North Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex, England. Because of a successful cabaret produced as a fund raising event on behalf of North Springfield Community Association, a small group met together in 1982 and the Society was formed.

Springers has always been an ambitious drama group and has always welcomed participation by members of all ages. Home-grown talent presents most of the productions with professional assistance only having to be employed on the music side.

Springers currently performs two musicals a year one in June in the Civic Theatre and one in November in the Cramphorn Theatre. We differ from some other groups in that not only do we perform timeless favourites, but also challenge ourselves and entertain our audiences with excellent less well-known musicals. In recent years, this diversity has attracted many new members of all ages and backgrounds, and we hope our forthcoming programme of shows will continue to have the same effect.

Springers is always keen for new people to join the group as backstage help, actors, musicians, prompt, carpenters, painters, scenery manufacturers, props, make up, wardrobe, publicity, or box office. A job can usually be found for everyone!

If you are interested in being on stage, please be aware that we operate a membership retention policy – this means that principal auditions are only open to members with at least 6 months membership immediately prior to auditions in the first instance. Should any principal parts be uncast after this they would then be open all interested. Anyone wishing to be in the chorus is not subject to this policy.

All members are required to pay an annual subscription. Performing members are also required to pay a show fee and lib/score hire charge.

Springers rehearse at Springfield Parish Centre, Springfield, Chelmsford on Mondays 8pm-10:30pm and Wednesdays 8:20pm-10:45pm.

If you are interested in joining us or want some more information, please get in touch via the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!